About Us


WHy do it?

Do you want to get involved with your community? Do you care about supporting younger girls? Do you want to help people stay connected during this very isolating time? If you have an hour a week to spend with a younger girl over FaceTime, please sign up to be a volunteer with Girls Connecting. We will match you with a girl to mentor. The mission of the organization is for older girls to support younger girls from their own homes in this time of uncertainty. It’s totally up to you how you build connections, but we suggest simple conversation, coloring, help with schoolwork, games, and other leisure activities. The goal is simple- to make all of us feel less alone.  

our process

We take great care in matching girls who are compatible and who we think will thrive off of each other. Once a match is made, the parent and the mentor are connected through email. Then, the mentor sends an image of their school ID to the parent. Ultimately, the parent decides to connect their daughter.

Get to know

Our founder

Hi, my name's Alix de Saint-Aignan and I am a junior at Newton North High School in Massachusetts. Though we are originally based in MA, students are welcome to volunteer from across the country!